Friday, 12 December 2008

Change the battery of your Z22 Palm Pilot

Ever wanted to change the battery on your Z22 Palm Pilot? It's just very strange that one can buy a new battery, but no-where in the manual one can find how to do so. I finally took the chance and the palm-pilot in my family did a dive into the washing-machine ;-)

Here are two photo's of the interior of the Z22... One will need: sharp nails, a torx T5 and a small philips/cross-screwdriver. For the rest you will end up as show in the pictures.

At the red-'circles' one will find the torx screws to remove before being able to open the rest with your nails. The screws are behind the black cover over the USB-mini-b-connector and the IR-sender.

Please have fun with it.

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