Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Fiddler again, Again for SOAP

How amazing. I forgot about my own blog and dug into Fiddler and SOAP again. And with Google I could not find my blog item about Fiddler & SOAP. Very strange.

Now I have some simple code, again, to add the SOAP-action header as a column to Fiddler. Here we go:
public static BindUIColumn("SOAP", 120)
function FillSoapAction(oS: Session) {
if ((oS.oRequest != null)
&& (oS.oRequest.headers != null)
&& (oS.oRequest.headers.Exists("SOAPAction"))) {
var action = oS.oRequest.headers.Item["SOAPAction"];
return action.replace(/^.*\//, "").replace(/"/, "");
} else return String.Empty;

Hope you'll use it.

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